Serial entrepreneur.  Previous tech company, Smartwaiver.com, acquired in December 2015.

Passionate about software and robotics.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. HI Mark, Thanks for the hello world tutorial. I am a student and am new to ROS and C++. Are there any other links to tutorials you can share? I am trying to move the turtlebot forward and backward in simulator and then the turtlebot itself using code but not teleop. Any help would be of great help. Thanks again.


  2. Hello again Mark,

    I have just seen the code to perform a square. It should help me with what i am looking for. Is there any chance i can run it on the simulator first and then test with the bot?


    • Hi,


      It should run fine on VREP or Gazebo. That being said I haven’t tested it. The one thing you (likely) need to change is “cmd_vel_mux/input/teleop”. This might be “cmd_vel” or similar. Run rostopic list to see which one is correct.

      Hope this helps,


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